Become an Exchange Program Coordinator

A desire to learn about what separates us culturally, as well as to celebrate all that we share in common as people, lies at the heart of our mission. As an Exchange Program Coordinator (EPC), you will have the important task of locating enthusiastic and nurturing families ready to welcome a visiting student into their home.  As we take great pride in achieving a degree of compatibility between host family and student, YOUR role in this process is what can make the difference in the experience for both.

Just 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Fill out an Exchange Program Coordinator Application, including a reference check and criminal background check. 
  2. The Team Leader for your area will contact you to discuss the position, conduct an informal interview, and have you sign an Independent Contractor Agreement.
  3. You will receive training from your Team Leader on all aspects of being an EPC, such as finding families, providing orientations and monitoring students.
  4. You'll get started finding wonderful families for teens that will be arriving for the next school semester.
  5. You'll prepare for the arrival of the fantastic group of students that have YOU to thank for matching them with their host families!